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Technology and leadership development with a special focus on the nonprofit world

Our Services

We believe in the "honest mechanic" model of service. We strive to provide maximum value to our clients and customers, and we operate with the highest levels of integrity and transparency.

Technology Project Consulting

We help organizations with technology projects such as websites, mobile apps, simulations, videos, and other projects. We work with organizational leadership to concretely define projects, construct suitable project scopes and budgets, and help our clients procure high quality vendors to do the work.

We also partner with nonprofits on grant proposals that have a technology component.

Product Management

Some organizations want us to go a step further, and they have us actively manage the design and development of their technology projects.

As projects enter development, there are almost always unexpected challenges and important course corrections. We have deep experience managing a wide variety of projects, and we do what is needed to ensure success.

Technology Development

In addition to working with vendors to develop technology projects, we also design and develop projects for our clients. For projects that are a good fit for our expertise, we have the capacity do the work ourselves.

We also design, build, and maintain our own technology platforms, such as the Diamond Tree Training platform.

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Example Projects

Leadership Team

Peter Elam Picture

Peter Elam, Co-founder


Peter has over 15 years of experience managing the development of an extremely wide variety of technology projects.

He works with organizational leadership to identify appropriate projects, and is then able to guide all aspects of technology procurement, design, and development.

Justin Elam Picture

Justin Elam, Co-founder

Strategy and Leadership

Justin has developed his expertise in strategy and leadership in over 20 years of working with nonprofit organizations.

He has worked with organizations both big and small across a wide variety of industries. He has helped nonprofits that are high functioning, and those in need of significant help.

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We would love to hear about your organization and answer any questions that you have. If it turns out that we're not a great fit, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.