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University of Texas: Training Website for College Instructors

Peter Elam, Co-founder of Diamond Tree

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This was a project for The University of Texas on a grant funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The project was to develop a web-based resource for college instructors which would enable them to better integrate critical thinking concepts into their courses.

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While we were responsible for the design and development of the system, we collaborated with subject matter experts at the University of Texas for the content. They created all the written content for the site, and conducted the teacher interviews that were recorded for the project.

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Design and development

Although the system was web-based, it was designed to have the responsiveness and functionality of a desktop application. There were several design features of the site that are not typically seen on a website, but that added a great deal to the final user experience.

Multimedia development

In addition to the web development, this project also had a very large multimedia component. We managed the development of all the graphics, animations, and videos that were needed for the site.

Play the video to see the website in action.