What is Diamond Tree?

What is Diamond Tree?

Our Values

Diamond Tree is a leadership training platform with a point of view.

Diamond Tree is not for everyone, and is not meant to be. We have specific values and a specific point of view on the type of leadership that we want to promote.

We encourage and promote a specific type of leadership: Level 5 leaders that are working on worthy causes.

Level 5 leaders:

  1. Set up their organizations to succeed even after they've departed
  2. Direct credit and attention to others
  3. Have an unwavering determination to achieve excellence

A sign of Level 5 leadership is when extraordinary results exist, but nobody steps forward to claim excess credit. Diamond Tree aims to encourage and promote Level 5 leaders that are working on worthy causes.

We want to create a community of these leaders.

We aim to create a community of these Level 5 leaders so that we can all encourage and support one another.

We are all learning together.

We are not the "experts". We are fellow members of the community that are sharing what we've learned while trying to grow as leaders by learning from others.

We a have bias towards real leaders on the front lines.

There are wonderful leadership thought leaders, and we will engage with their ideas when appropriate, but we have a bias towards engaging with leaders that are on the front lines leading real teams and organizations.

We encourage everyone to devote their talents to worthy causes.

We understand that there's often good money to be made in unworthy causes, but we want people to reflect on what they are devoting their talents and energy to. We will always encourage people to devote their talents to worthy causes when they can.

We are interested in a person's character, not any other identity marker.

On Diamond Tree you will find perspectives from all sorts of different people. People of different nationalities, ages, classes, religions, and other ways people categorize themselves. However, we are interested in each individual's character as expressed through their actions, not any other thing. Character is what we highlight and what we celebrate.

We have no political allegiances.

Diamond Tree is an international platform with no political allegiances. We do not align ourselves with any political party or organization anywhere in the world.