Dynamic Documentation

This is a draft of the Diamond Tree Quick Start Guide. Diamond Tree is an excellent tool for creating "living" documentation for your team or for your customers.

This is an example of a Gem as "living" documentation that can be changed and updated over time.

Quick Overview

What is Diamond Tree?

Diamond Tree is a platform that makes it extremely easy to create, share, and sell digital content. It literally takes just minutes to create a storefront and start selling content on Diamond Tree, and it requires almost zero technical ability

Diamond Tree is for people that want to focus on content, not technology.

It is perfect for:

  • People or teams that want to sell or share digital content but need a cheap and easy way to get started
  • People that want to sell or share simple online courses designed for individuals or groups
  • Consultants that want to sell digital content as a value-add to their consulting practice
  • Organizations and teams that want to create internal training modules and track their completion
The Heart of Diamond Tree

At it's heart Diamond Tree is all about clear communication. It is a tool that allows you to choose the media that is most appropriate for what you are trying to communicate: text, images, or embedded audio/video.

It also allows the content author to summarize their work and provide the key points in a digestible form.

What can I do on Diamond Tree?

  • Purchase Content  - You can create a free account on Diamond Tree to purchase content sold by others.
  • Create Content - Diamond Tree has a unique content creation environment that is very easy to use. Content can contain text, images, embedded audio/video, and assessment questions. And it can be created by both individuals and in collaboration with others.
  • Sell Content - You can create custom, branded storefronts in just minutes to start selling your content. Content can be packaged and sold for free, for a one-time fee, or as a monthly subscription.
  • Share Content for Free - You can share the content you've created for free, including with people that do not have a Diamond Tree account.
  • Create Trainings/Courses - You can create online trainings or courses, either for sale or for internal team training. You can track completion and see everyone's responses in a single report.